Fisio3L physiotherapy studio

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52 Sirana street, Lamone (CH)

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FIsio3L physiotherapy studio: the entrance

At the entrance there is a small waiting room with an administrative office to the patients waiting to start therapy.

Privacy guaranteed

The study consists of two adjacent rooms, separate and soundproofed, in order to guarantee complete privacy for patients during treatments.

the two adjacent rooms separated and soundproofed in order to guarantee complete privacy for patients during treatments at the physiotherapy studio fisio3l

Private toilet for the exclusive use of patients

Also usable for people with disabilities.


In order to guarantee a greater hygiene, each patient has his own personal towel, which is placed in the appropriate shelf, separated from the others.

second physiotherapy treatment room with electric bed and the right equipment for a correct rehabilitation of the patient
second physiotherapy study entrance sanitary facilities to have a properly sanitized room

Private parking places

The two private parking places in front of the studio, are exclusive to patients in treatment.

In both the parking places there is a sign in which is written “reserved to the Fisio3L studio”.


Area under video surveillance

At the entrance of the studio there is a sign, to make the patients know that they are in an area with video surveillance.

The cameras are active 24/7, thus ensuring greater safety for the patient and for objects left at the entrance.

fisio3L studio video surveillance area sign
video surveillance at fisio3L entrance

Air conditioning systems

Both the rooms have an air conditioning system.

second physiotherapy studio conditioning system
first physiotherapy studio conditioning system
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