Marco Castenetto

Freelancer physiotherapist at Fisio3L

Marco Castenetto


Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy at Università degli Studi (Milan 2016)

Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science at Università del Sacro Cuore (Milan 2010)


Neurological rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Post traumatic rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Kinesio Taping

Physical therapy

Home Care Physiotherapy

Massage therapy

Spoken languages

Italian, English, German

Professional experience

Formthotics Medical System advanced course (Milano 2017)

Formthotics Medical System course (Milano 2017)

Clinic and functional exam in physiotherapy (Milano 2016)

Kinesio Taping level 1 e 2  (Bresso 2013)

Tecar therapy level 1 (Milano 2009)

working experience

Physiotherapie Praxis (Villmergen 2018-2021)

Clilnic Rehabilitation Center Sport (Bresso 2015-2017)

 ASST FBF Sacco Hospital (Milano 2012-2015)

ASST FBF Gaetano Pini Hospital (Milano 2011-2012)